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Four Mirrors IV



The Four Mirrors project, in its different phases, is the container of the aesthetic explorations that I have developed around gender problems. This section of works, focus on the idea of the non-verbal, the construction of a choreography based on bodily movements identifiable as gestures of rejection or negation; an assembly between dance-intimidation ritual originating in New Zealand called "Haka" and the traditional "Danza del venado" of northern Mexico, in which the character who executes it, is in itself the weakest link in the gender struggle but one that represents those who have now, in feminist demonstrations, firmly imposed the urgency of an effective review of the status of gender equity in the world. This young teenager, transformed into a fictional masked character, reverses the story told in the traditional indigenous dance of northern Mexico, where the character of the deer, dressed in what is known as tenabaris or cocoons of butterfly four mirrors turned into rattles, is sacrificed by the hunter, but for the purposes of this rereading, This female deer ceases to be an easy prey and begins to intimidate with his determination to make himself heard.





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