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Untitled (Four Mirrors Project II)


Silence and stillness have been the ways in which sentences are executed against victims of abuse. The law, literally, asks for a “No” of certain dimension for it to be interpreted to its full meaning.
Inspired in ritualistic dances such as “Haka” from Polynesia and the “Dance of the Deer” in northern Mexico, this project voices the silent gesture of negation done by moving the head from one side to the other hence stressing the obvious or making the inaudible be heard.
Several women are asked to perform this gesture using a mask made from cocoons turned into rattles of -Four Mirrorbutterflies (as are known in Mexico).


The photographs work as an analogy between two facts. On one hand the Rothschildia butterfly that upon its metamorphosis loses its digestive system that hence provokes its ultimate death days after reaching its heightened state of beauty (becoming a butterfly) and the young women that perhaps because of their beauty are marked by stereotypes conditioned by our culture.

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