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Untitled (Breathtaking)
In collaboration with Dafne Vicente-Sandoval


In a small village in Toba, county in Japan, is the region where finds more AMA woman and where lives one of the last generations of this ancestral practice.

Japan AMA are a group of women able to dive into the cold waters without diving equipment to remove most of the time pearl oysters, a practice with a history of over 2000 years.
With the explosion and new manofacturing of the pearling industry in the early twentieth century, natural pearls market went into a transformation, but specialy for Japan pearl industry and culture consisted of a transformation for its historical legacy and positioning the AMA woman culture as a practiced in extinction.

The video shows members of the last AMA generation holding her breath as many seconds as they can, the video is accompanied by the sound design of the bassoon player and experimental musician Dafne Vicente Sandoval.

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