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Untiled (human Pearl Graft)
Video HD, 2 projectors

Parallel to the seashells graft, the artist grafted a pearl onto a young person, a vulnerable and ignored group in Mexico. The action of putting the pearl under the skin generates the negation of the value of it when hiding it. Out of all logic of the show what this intervention seeks is to problematize the value of the object in its premise of possession and ostentation. Being hidden and without registration, the pearl loses its value and what remains is its materiality occupying a human body. But, at the same time, the value of the pearl could be added to the young.

Following this bet to the opacity to question the forms of production of value, the person with the pearl grafted -a collaboration that is already in process- will be present at the opening but will never indicate who he is. The action seeks to tighten the relationship jewel-visibility to invite a questioning about the value of these luxury objects.

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